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Orbit Creative Signature Real Estate Books


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Orbit Creative has a creative and publishing division that is dedicated to forging creative partnerships between service professionals and the real estate agent marketplaces they collaborate with.

Our Signature Real Estate Books are custom-designed to reflect the experience and personality of the individual agent, combined with the stature, excellence in service, and name recognition of the real estate company, while providing a wonderful story of the coverage area, woven with vital community resource links. The Signature Real Estate Books are supported by the “Professionals” service guide located in the back portion of each book.

These 16-20 page books are the perfect opportunity for the real estate agent to receive a high quality, 4-color print publication, as well as a digital flipbook version, at no cost to them, as it is supported by the professionals of this co-marketing opportunity.  These books place the professionals’ service offerings in the hands of the consumer at the most optimal point in time – the point of purchase consideration during their home search and buying or selling process.  The real estate agent will not be disappointed in receiving such a high quality marketing piece to distribute to their prospects and clients, in print and digitally, as well as the ability to post it on their web site for download and viewing and send it to prospects near and far, via an email link on a dedicated server.

The professionals that are showcased in the digital format, will have active links within the book to their business, directly from their display ad, as well as in the directory listing, detailed by category.

We believe our model and quality exceeds other publications that are in the marketplace. We have brought over 40 years of best-in-class design and marketing experience to produce only the highest quality designed piece, combined with great storytelling, while offering professional businesses advertising rates that understand cost-conscious marketing budgets.

We also create Signature Books for the venue marketplace.  These guides are a unique way for venues to truly maximize their marketing potential and for professionals servicing the venue marketplace to get directly in the hands of consumers at that essential point in time – when they are considering a venue for their wedding or special event.

Our Signature Books also have the capability, in digital format, to feature a video component, many of which we create through our video production capabilities.

To view a sample of our Signature Real Estate Book (in digital format with video), click on the icon at the top of this page.  There are additional books on our Clients page.  To learn more about the Signature Books, or to order a Signature Book, please give us a call or complete the Contact Us form.